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Assistant Technician: Atlanta, GA


It is important for an employee to understand the scope of work and what job performance standard is expected. The following is a list of job requirements. This list provides a foundation of work expected and should not be interpreted as an all-inclusive job requirement list. The Assistant Technician will re required to complete the WhiteWater SoftWash training curriculum.

Specific Job Requirements

The Assistant Technician will:

Work Performance

  • Assist the Lead Technician as requested
  • Take proper precautions for plant protection
  • Have working knowledge of the proper application techniques
  • Know and properly use the correct cleaning solution ratio and how to mix the trucks saddle tanks
  • Know how to make minor repairs on equipment
  • Needs to be comfortable working from a ladder and roofs
  • Assist with properly equipping Company truck utilizing checklist
  • Deliver “check it out” flyers to neighboring properties of our customers
  • Assist with phone communications when required

Customer Service

  • Present yourself in a professional and clean looking manner to the client.
  • Be available to handle any difficulties on the job site. (Any difficulties beyond the scope of authorization will be passed on to the lead tech or office staff.)


  • Utilize personal protective equipment when needed
  • Know, follow and implement the Company’s Safety and Health Program
  • Know, follow and implement the Company’s Fall Protection Program
  • Know, follow and implement the Company’s Paint Protocol Program
  • Know, follow and implement the Company’s Hazard Material Program
  • Know, follow and implement the Company’s Drug-free Workplace Policy