Deck Cleaning, Chamblee, GA

It’s time to breathe new life into your home’s deck.

It’s natural for your Chamblee, Georgia home’s deck to lose its shine as the years go by. Pollen, insects, dirt, and other contaminants deposit onto the surface of your deck over time, causing your deck to look dull and dirty. You may be tempted to try pressure washing to clean off your deck, but there’s a much better alternative that is both more effective and better for your deck.

Deck Cleaning in Chamblee, Georgia

Pressure washing as a form of deck cleaning often does more harm than good. The intense pressure can chip at the wood of your deck and damage it. In fact, this pressure can even cause holes, which would need to be repaired. Deck cleaning with a soft wash solution is much better. Soft washing relies on a combination of different cleaning agents to target whatever is making your deck look dingy, whether that be mildew, grime, insect remains, or something else. This leads to a much better cleaning job than water alone. Plus, when your deck is cleaned through soft washing, you don’t have to worry about any intense jet of water chipping away at the wood, as soft washing involves a gentler stream of water to wash off the cleaning solution.

Your home’s deck doesn’t have to look dingy. We here at WhiteWater SoftWash have used our soft washing technique on exterior surfaces for years and are happy to help you out. Our deck cleaning service can help your home’s deck look brand new again, so call us today to learn more about how soft washing can help you.

Deck Cleaning in Atlanta, GA