Driveway Cleaning, Chamblee, GA

For a safer way to clean off your driveway, try soft washing.

No one wants a discolored or dirty-looking driveway. A clean driveway is more inviting and has a much more positive curb appeal. Driveway cleaning services are perfect for making your driveway look new again, but be careful with what technicians you hire. Pressure washing might be your go-to solution for driveway cleaning, but soft washing is a much better option.

Driveway Cleaning in Chamblee, Georgia

Soft washing uses a chemical solution to target whatever grime and dirt is preventing your driveway from looking its best. After the solution has been applied, it is gently washed away with a controlled stream of water. Pressure washing uses a harsh jet of water to target stains, but this can damage your driveway more than it cleans it. In fact, these damages can actually make it easier for new stains to appear and more contaminants to deposit, as it can chip away at the sealant that is applied to new driveways.

In addition to its cleaning benefits, soft washing is actually safer for the rest of your exterior surfaces. Landscaping can get damaged by pressure washing stripping away the topsoil around your plants. When driveway cleaning, it’s easy for nearby landscaping to be negatively affected by the intense jet of water.

Skip the damages and lackluster cleaning job of pressure washing. Our soft washing services here at WhiteWater SoftWash can do a much better job cleaning your Chamblee, Georgia driveway, so call us today for the gentle yet highly effective way of washing off your home’s driveway as well as the other exterior surfaces.

Driveway Cleaning in Atlanta, GA