Solar Panel Cleaning, Atlanta, GA

If you want to improve the energy absorption of your system, contact us to schedule solar panel cleaning.

When you invest in solar energy, you can minimize your home’s environmental impact while keeping energy bills low or even non-existent. But the condition of the solar panels actually has a significant impact on their performance. If your solar panels are covered in dirt and grime, they simply can’t absorb the sunlight as effectively, resulting in less overall production.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Atlanta, Georgia

Since the solar panels are affixed to your roof, they are constantly exposed to the changing climate conditions and take quite a bit of abuse. Their positioning also makes them more susceptible to bird droppings. All this grime that builds up on the panels over time doesn’t wash away when it rains, which is why solar panel cleaning is a worthwhile investment.

If you have solar panels on your Atlanta, Georgia home, you can trust our team at WhiteWater SoftWash to take care of the cleaning process regularly. We utilize a different cleaning method that’s known as softwashing, and it’s much safer for use on solar panels than traditional pressure washing. It also uses less water, which means it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to having the panels pressure washed.

Our technicians have undergone the necessary training and certification in the SoftWash cleaning method and will apply it when performing solar panel cleaning. If you can see visible dirt on the solar panels from the ground or have noticed a drop in energy production in your system, contact us to schedule a solar panel cleaning service.

Solar Panel Cleaning, Chamblee, GA